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Rail Climbing Scaffold Systems

RailCore - Climbing Corewall Form
RailScreen - Perimeter Protection

Aluminium Wall Formwork

Panex - Aluminium Frame Panels
Panex-Lite - Auminium Handset system

Composite Shuttering  Boards

TuffPly - All Plastic Metal Reinforced S
PlasPly - ThermoPlastic Overlaid Plywood







Watch the Ease in Surface Repair!

Ehub specializes in climbing scaffolding & formwork solutions & services.

Our product range from our proprietary patented rail climbing scaffold systems, new generation composite shuttering boards and formwork systems.

We look forward to serving you in your next project.


Aluminum Wall Formwork

Panex   Panex Lite



Panex & Panex-Lite are aluminum framed wall formwork system, suited for foundation, columns, walls & corewalls.

Designed for an allowable concrete pressure of 60KN/sqm, they are made of high strength aluminum and extremely light, easily handed by a single man.

Panex frames are fitted with either PlasPly or TuffPly for an extremely long reuse experience without the need for constant re-facing while enjoying a consistent and off form concrete finish.


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